Ethernet Cabling - How to Wire Your Own - Part Two

 You will also need to choose between 'solid' and 'braided' cable, and again your cable installers or local computer store should be able to talk you through these.

As a rule, braided cable is better for patch applications & for desktop as it is more flexible and resilient.

If you are purchasing an Ethernet cable for use with your PC, or to plug your laptop into hotel modems, then a braided cable will be more durable and less likely to become damaged.

Solid cable meanwhile is meant for longer runs in fixed positions, being less flexible but longer lasting as a result.

Solid cable is especially useful for networkset ups in businesses.

For those cables that travel through aircirculation space (such as above false ceiling or below raised floor) 'plenum'rated cable is required.

To check if your cabling meets these standards you can strip one end to determine its type. Alternatively a data cabling company will be able to tell you what you have and replace the wiring if necessary.